Jens Oldeland (Dr.) [Email]


Jens studied botany, genetics and soil science at the University of Hamburg (Germany), where he also completed his doctorate in ecological studies. His fields of expertise range from ecological statistics, GIS, hyperspectral remote sensing and species distribution modelling. Jens conducted extensive field studies in drylands of Namibia and high mountain ranges of Morocco, and regularly taught environmental and statistic courses. He founded Eco-Systems in 2010.

Niels Dreber (Dr.) [Email]

Environmental Consultant & Researcher

Niels studied botany, zoology and soil science at the University of Hamburg (Germany). He is a field ecologist and conservationist with a passion for arid ecosystems, who strives for combining science with photography. Originally trained in vegetation ecology of central-European ecosystems, Niels looks back on several years of field work in Namibia and South Africa. His fields of expertise include dryland ecology, rangeland ecology, land degradation and desertification, vegetation mapping and monitoring. He currently works and lives in South Africa.

Dirk Wesuls (Dr.) [Email]

Environmental Consultant

Dirk studied biology at the University of Rostock (Germany) with a focus on botany, zoology and ecology. He is a field ecologist with a distinct interest in holistic approaches and transdisciplinary work. Dirk feels at home both in central-European ecosystems and African savannas and woodlands, particularly those found in southern and western Africa. He has further expertise in functional ecology, rangeland ecology, vegetation mapping and multivariate statistics.

Franziska Rupprecht (Dipl.Biol.) [Email]

Environmental Consultant

Franziska studied botany and soil science at the University of Hamburg (Germany). As a biologist her main field of interest is the impact of changes in species distribution following climate change on ecosystem services. Franziska worked both in high mountains and coastal wetland areas. She has expertise in GIS, species distribution modelling, planning of habitat networks for endangered species and the analysis of vegetation dynamics in coastal wetlands.

Ana Filipa Piedade (M.Sc. in Biologie) [Email]

Professional staff

Filipa studied biology at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (Portugal) as well as at the University of Hamburg (Germany), with a focus on ecology and biodiversity conservation. She has worked in Angola and developed both ethnobotanical and ecological work there in order to explore the regeneration dynamics of highly important woody species for the local Chokwe communities. She has also training in permaculture and is very interested in using this knowledge to help traditional as well as urban communities to thrive and prosper.