Photo Documentation

Blending science or nature conservation with photography can be a powerful tool to highlight and translate aspects of research projects for media or funding, to bring environmental issues into the focus and influence attitudes and behaviors among the public.

Aside the various aspects of communication, in applied ecology, techniques of repeat photography create interesting, inexpensive and effective possibilities of monitoring environmental change. These simple and rapid assessment tools allow the detection of changes of ecosystems and vegetation components on different spatio-temporal scales, as well as the documentation of long-term population dynamics. Thus, repeat photography is helpful for impact assessments, controlling the efficiency of management practices, and the evaluation of related hypotheses.

Eco-Systems works on assignment to create unique photographs for your editorial needs, educational material and documentation of research and conservation work. This includes picturing of workflows, portraying scientists and their projects, documenting the natural and social environment research or conservation projects are embedded in, and compiling botanical photo-guides. Repeat photography, be it comparing historical pictures with current states or in the context of long-term monitoring, can be combined with a direct biophysical assessment quantifying the observed change.

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