Ecological Modelling & Statistics

Observational and experimental ecological datasets are becoming increasingly complex, and thus require statistical analysis and interpretation techniques that can cope with this complexity

Eco-Systems has a strong background in analyzing, visualizing and modelling complex relationships in ecological datasets. We are experienced in techniques of modern regression analysis, multivariate methodology for ordination, clustering and classification.

An important field is the predictive modelling approach for describing potential distribution ranges of plant or animal species. These species distribution models, also called environmental envelopes or habitat models, combine field observations with environmental datasets, such as temperature or altitude, in order to produce probability maps of species occurrences.

We are working with open source statistical software that is suitable for tackling (almost) all your needs.

In particular we offer:

- Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

- Species distribution modelling

- Regression Modelling

- Multivariate statistics

- Spatial statistics

- Time series analysis

- Spatio-temporal statistics

- Trajectory analysis

- Data visualization

- Data Mining

- R-scripting