Courses & Training

Academic training is an important part of our philosophy. Strenghtening other peoples knowledge in sound statistical data analysis, geodata handling or scientific writing is indispensable for deepening our understanding of ecological processes and building up expertise for the challenges of a changing world. Therefore, we are particularly happy to give invited courses in developing countries.

Eco-Systems is offering the following in-house courses:

Theme Course Content Days Pre-knowledge
R1Introduction to R2None
R2Data exploration and visualization with R3Basic statistics
R3Multivariate analysis with R4Basic statistics
R4GLM / GAM 4Basic statistics
GIS5Introduction to SAGA-GIS3
GIS6Introduction to QGIS3
GIS7Introduction to ArcGIS3
GIS8Digital Map design principles2
BiotaBase9Introduction to BiotaBase3
BiotaBase10Introduction to collection management with BiotaBase2BiotaBase
Scientific writing11Scientific writing2
Scientific writing12Advanced scientific writing2
Permaculture13Introduction to applied permaculture2

Please contact us if you are interested in any courses and we will provide the details.