Fieldwork Assistance

We look back to more than ten years of ecological fieldwork experience in different european and non-european countries, in temperate, tropical, subtropical and alpine regions. We offer services ranging from detailed fieldwork and travel planning to administrative organisation and contacting of local authorities.

Fieldwork assistance includes:

- Support in the planning of experimental or observational study design

- Sampling of different organisms, species identification and compiling field herbaria

- Vegetation mapping and recording of forest stands

- Measurement of abiotic parameters (mircoclimate, soil moisture), soil sampling and classification

- Photo documentation of study objects, habitats, social environments and work related processes

Administrative assistance includes:

- Planning of time exposure for field studies

- Organisation of equipment, maps, measurement devices, data (aerial photographs, satellite images)

- Travel logistics: visa, flights, car rentals, accommodation

- Permissions: organizing research and export permits

- Contacting local authorities, field assistants and translators

Languages: German, English, French and basic knowledge in Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Afrikaans, Spanish and Portuguese.