Remote Sensing & GIS

Spatial information is the basis for resource management, mapping and landscape planning. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are the tools to handle such kind of data. Digital imagery aquired by remote sensing devices such as airborne or satellite sensors complement the wealth of spatial data. Eco-Systems has sound expertise in theory and application of spatial data handling and analysis, in particular for conservation and natural resource management objectives.

Our services include basic and advanced methods:

GIS Remote sensing

- Geodata processing

- Geodatabase planning

- Landscape pattern analysis

- Fragmentation analysis

- Visibility analysis

- Terrain analysis

- Volume calculations

- Spatial statistics

- Thematic mapping

- Geodata Visualization

- Image classification

- Image processing

- Change detection

- Protected area monitoring

- Hyperspectral data analysis

- In-situ field measurements

- Urban sprawl and growth

- Urban Heat Islands


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