About Us

Eco-Systems is a young company providing consulting services in the field of applied ecology, nature conservation and landscape planning. Combining passion with profession, Eco-Systems seeks for the best possible, cost-conscious solution for you. For this purpose, we are organized as a core-team able to take advantage of a pool of associated experts, which are consulted as needed for high quality outputs. Our applied scientific approaches are state-of-the-art, which is warranted by our professional staff having an on-going link to the academic community.

The network behind Eco-Systems consists of experts from a variety of disciplines ranging from life sciences to geography to graphic artists. Therefore, we are able to provide whole workflows from data collection, data processing and final illustration and publication. Our scientists are experienced with working in different environments from tropical rainforests to arid desert ecosystems. They are specialized in vegetation ecology, biodiversity research, remote sensing, statistical modelling or geographical information systems.

Besides science-based approaches in problem solving, Eco-Systems provides training and teaching, and support in research planning, field work, workshop organization or editorial realizations. Please, explore our website and contact us if you feel that there is anything we can do for you.

The Eco-Systems Team